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Random Thoughts from a Black and Gold Mind: Family Feud, Expensive Rides and Tom Petty Lyrics edition

July 14th, 2017 at 8:34 AM
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With the Steeler season less than two months away and training camp in Latrobe looming, my brain matter is starting to think about things that matter to Steeler Nation. My black and gold mind is swirling with hypocycloidical winds and as bizarre as they might be, you get to partake in the madness.

But first, I should let out an apologetic holler to those that found offense last time around. So a railroad of regret goes out to and for the following transgressions.

  • The coining of the phrase, “He’ll hath no fury like an Instagram model scorned”.
  • Antonio Brown’s women woes.
  • Stereotyping Philadelphians as car thieves.
  • Bragging about the 2x Stanley Cup champs.
  • Middle schoolers who dread returning to school.
  • Referencing a specific episode of The Cosby Show the very week the sitcom’s namesake was on trial for drugging and having his way with women.


  • Harry Newsome

To quote the great Marvin Gaye and the even-greater Mills Lane, “Let’s get it on”.

  • My Stanley Cup hangover is wearing off and the Pirates are slightly less exciting than a 1980s Wimbledon semifinal featuring Ivan Lendl. So at the risk of wishing the summer away, hurry up July 27th! I need me some Steeler football.
  • Maybe I worry too much, but I’m beginning to think that another franchise’s fan base will be the one’s concerned whether or not Le’Veon Bell will miss a drug test or not. While I’ve had concerns regarding “Juice” and his commitment to the team, I’m wondering if, because of his antics, that the Steelers are 100% committed to Bell. …

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