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DeAngelo Williams keeps it real, and takes a dig at Cowboys fans, on Adam Schefter’s podcast

July 13th, 2017 at 9:30 AM
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Thank God for DeAngelo Williams. (Seriously, I’m actually going to purchase his jersey, I think. He is easily one of my top five favorite Steelers players of all time). Williams, who is currently a free agent after two productive seasons in Pittsburgh, has spent most of the offseason engaging fans on Twitter and trying his hand at professional wrestling. Having been successful in these endeavors, Williams broadened his horizons by using his segment on Adam Schefter’s podcast to launch insults at Cowboys fans, NFL bottom feeders and, of course, Tom Brady.

Displaying a level of tactfulness that only an amateurish professional wrestler could, Williams listed four NFL franchises for which he would prefer not to play: Dallas, Carolina, Cleveland and Jacksonville. Carolina is obvious, as their split with Williams following the 2014-15 season was anything but amicable. Williams acknowledged the futility that has become a hallmark of the Jaguars and Browns, stating that he’s never seen the latter post a winning record and that the former’s only distinctive feature is its in-stadium swimming pools. Needless to say, Williams’ unwillingness to join Carolina, Cleveland or Jacksonville is …

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