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Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 NFL Draft Pre-Draft Prospect Profiles – Players Remaining After Round Three

April 28th, 2012 at 12:51 AM
By Mark Mihalko


For NFL and Pittsburgh Steelers fans, the 2012 NFL Draft is in full swing. Teams have their draft boards ready, pundits and fans have dissected the first three rounds, and now teams will settle in to really build their teams.

To assist Steelers fans with their draft preparations, we have profiled all 30 pre-draft visitors plus added a few other prospects that would possibly look good in the future. This was a time consuming, but fun process and we are happy to share this information. How many of these will be drafted or signed by the Steelers? History under Kevin Colbert has shown that roughly four per season is average. So the list should see some action this weekend. Below is the list of profiles of players still available after the third round that have visited the Steelers or we have chosen to profile (13 prospects) with the dates write-up was completed and their name hyperlinked to their profiles. Please, use this as a reference throughout the draft process (or even after), and sound off on how we did @Steelers_101 on twitter or at our facebook page.

Wide Receivers

Colorado wide receiver Toney Clemons(Steelers101 profile 4/4)

Michigan State wide receiver Keshawn Martin (Steelers101 profile 4/20)

Arkansas wide receiver Gregory Childs (Steelers101 profile 4/20)

Tight ends

Louisiana-Lafayette tight end Ladarius Green (Speetlers101 profile 4/23)

Oregon tight end David Paulson (Steelers101 profile 4/23)

Cincinnati tight end Adrian Robinson (Steelers101 profile 4/24)

Offensive Line

Ole Miss offensive tackle Bobbie Massie(Steelers101 profile 4/9)

SMU offensive guard Kelvin Beachum (Steelers101 profile 4/22)

Defensive Linemen

BYU nose tackle Hebron Fangupo(Steelers101 profile 4/14)


Virginia defensive end / linebacker Cam Johnson (Steelers101 profile 4/24)

Alabama linebacker Jerrell Harris (Steelers101 profile 4/25)

 Defensive Backs

West Virginia cornerback Keith Tandy (Steelers101 profile 4/8)

Wayne State safety Jeremy Jones (Steelers101 profile 4/15)

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