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Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu is Still Expected to Play

November 29th, 2011 at 10:41 AM
By Adam Daugherty

The Pittsburgh Steelers' medical staff has determined that what ailed safety Troy Polamalu on Sunday night was concussion-like symptoms suffered on a tackle on the Kansas City Chiefs' first possession. The team removed him from the game as per league rules. An injury that the NFL has begun taking very seriously with the amount of damage it impacts on the brain as recent research has shown.

This lead to an expectation that Polamalu would be forced to miss game time beyond Sunday night. It appears that assumption is a false one as he is now expected to play this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals. The symptoms were said to be mild enough that he should be able to make a full recovery in time. 

Gary Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interacted with Polamalu at halftime Sunday night and said that, "Troy Polamalu is fine and will play versus the Bengals. He was clear and lucid by halftime but kept out because of league rules."

The real issue here is that the Steelers seem to prefer using the term "concussion-like symptoms" instead of an actual concussion. Having two in six weeks and an issue dating back to his college days, Polamalu may be more affected by these symptoms than most. Everyone has seen what happens in the playoffs with a less than 100% Polamalu, hopefully the risk of keeping him in the game in order to make the playoffs will not have a negative long-term affect on his safety as a player and a person.

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